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I hope you would like to revisit my site and get full entertainment with
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I think my epiphany is not many years in the making ..
A very very slow epiphany:
The star is family ...
The star is old friends (like Jesus and Mary) ...
The star is new friends...
The star is love. LOVE!

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of the major nerves
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of body). fotosearch
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Human made.
Human is made of Body, Soul and Spirit. The body is something we can see, touch and feel. The soul consists of the mind (intellect) and the heart (emotion). The spirit is a distinct attribute of man which manifests divine nature that can fellowship with god.
When a person is born into this world from his mother’s womb, he has body, soul and dead spirit. God is spirit, and those who worship .Him must worship in spirit and truth. Spirit is holy, truthful and good. Since man’s spirit is dead, he cannot be holy, truthful and good. Instead he is unclean, deceitful and evil.
Since they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to depraved mind and whom is unrighteous shell not inherit the kingdom of God. Being darkened in their understanding, being alienated from the life of God, because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart.
What kind of person does god choose to be born again?
We do not know god’s Secret thoughts and methods, however, through the bible we can somewhat understand .his thought process. God often chooses to save those that are poor, despised, rejected, hapless, and desperate .why? When people are in desperate and hopeless situations, they do not trust in themselves. Instead they are more likely to trust in God. But people think that they can accomplish things through their effort, work, knowledge, and experience. If one thinks that he can accomplish feats by himself, he is far from being born again. When people realize their weaknesses and incapability and sincerely turn to God, They can be saved.
Dear God, the troubles of our world have left many of us speechless. We don’t know how, in the numbness around jobs lost, illnesses we don’t have the resources to cure, a planet imperiled by the accumulated effects of our greed, and the seemingly endless presence of war and violence, to say our prayers. We are lighting candles, though – in our Advent wreaths, quietly, in side chapels of our churches, in our rooms where no one else but You can see. The candle flame is our prayer, wordless but filled with meaning, with petition, hope, and faith. And the candle flame is your answer to our prayer. You lighten our darkness, O Lord. Amen 

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