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Start Every Day With Smiles

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him
Hold a true friend with both your hands, don't let go 4 true friend comes once in a lifetime. That's why i'm holding you tight! Cant let U go
Diffrnc btween Love & Frinship... "U give ur whole heart to ur lov & they BREAK it..." But "u give ur broken heart to a friend & they MAKE it..." Thats Frnship
Friendship is needless, like philosophy, like art.... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.
Keep me as a friend I will keep in my heart lock it up & throw the key that no one take you away from me
In life when you get troubles, don't get nervous... Just close ur eyes and follow ur heart coz heart may be in left but it is always right
A lucky star dropped on the Earth 1 night it asked me what did i want a million dollars or a true friend i choose a million dollars becoz i already have U
the recipe of friendship 1 cup of sharing 2 cups of caring 3 cups of 4giveness mix all of these 2gether to make friends 4ever
In The Flower My Rose Is You, In The Diamond My Kohinoor Is You, In The Sky My Moon Is You, I'm Only Body My Heart Is You, That's Why I Always MISS YOU
To forget you is hard to do and to forget me is up to you. Forget me not, forget me never. Forget this text, but not the sender.
Never say gud bye 2 sum1 who luv u.. Never say thanx who really need u.. Never blame a person who really trust u.. Never 4get a person who think u as LIFE..
You cannot buy friendship, you can earn it. If someone comes for help, be a true friend !
For me U r as... Chees 4 pizza.. passport 4 visa... butter 4 bread.. ice 4 freezer.. cream 4 cake... water 4 lake.. leaf 4 tree.. a FRIEND like u is 4 ever 4 me..!!
If i get ur Smile, I dont need Flowers,If i get ur Voice, I dont need Music, If u speack to me, I dont need anybody else,U just b my Friend, I dont need the world!
keep the lamp of friendship burning with oil of love, bcoz sun rise in east and sets in west but friendship rises in HEART and sets after DEATH!
Few realation in Earth Never Die. Want to know What is it ? Read again.. (F) Few (R) Realation (I) In (E) Earth (N) Never (D) Die
Have a "HEART" that never breaks, Have a"SMILE" that never fades, HAve a touch that never Hurt$, Have a "FRIENDSHIP" that naver ends , Like Ours!
True friendship never fades with Time:), become more tasteful like old Wine:)), only a friend can understand words and convert the rolling tears into a Smile!
MY friendship is just like a rubber band, It is too flexible, Stretch it as much as u can, but if u leave it,it 'll hurt u a lot, really a lot!
कोई दीवाना कहता है कोई पागल समझता है
मगर धरती की बैचेनी को बस बादल समझता है।
तू मुझसे दूर कैसी है, मैं तुझसे दूर कैसा हूँ
ये तेरा दिल समझता है या मेरा दिल समझता है।
मुहब्बत एक अहसासों की पावन सी कहानी है
कभी कबिरा दिवाना था, कभी मीरा दिवानी है।
यहाँ सब लोग कहते हैं, मेरी आंखों में आँसू हैं
जो तू समझे तो मोती है , जो ना समझे तो पानी है।

Mitha intazar te intazar nalo yaar mitha,
Mitha yar te yar nalo pyar mitha,
Mitha pyar te pyar nalo mithi sadi yaari,
Es to mitha kuj na milna lab layi duniya sari.

Itna pyaar paya hai aap se,
Uss se zyada pane ko jee chahta hai,
Najane woh kaun si khobi hai aap mein,
Ki aap se dosti nibhane ko jee chahta hai.

Khushbooh ki tarah app ke pass bikhar jaonga,
Saas banke dil mein utar jaunga,
Mehsoos karney ki kosish to kijiye ,
Door hotay hue bhi paas nazar aaunga.

Aap ka ashiyana dil mein basaya hai,
apki yado ko sinay se lagaya hai,
pata nahi yaad apki hi kyu aati hai,
dost to hamne auro ko bhi banaya hai.

Lehron ko pyaar tha kinaro se,
Par uss ki shaadi hogai sagar se,
Kinaro ki cahhat lehron ko khench lati hai,
Par badnaam na ho mohabbat is liye woh lot jati hain.


I am Not Your Friend If.....
you have to think before you speak to me!

I am Not Your Friend If.....
my presence ever makes you feel uncomfortable!

I am Not Your Friend If.....
you have to thank me for everything i do for you!

I am Not Your Friend If.....
you have to say sorry for everything
that you don't do!

I am Not Your Friend If.....
you have to ask me for favors!

I am Not Your Friend If.....
you think i would not be curious to
know your new philosophy of life!

I am Not Your Friend If.....
you go by what I say and do not understand
what I don't say!

I am Not Your Friend If.....
you think that listening to your dreams
would put me to sleep!

I am Not Your Friend If.....
you think that seeing you in pain, would
not bring a tear to me!

I am Not Your Friend If.....
you think I do not remember the first time
we met!

I am Not Your Friend If.....
you don't see the thousand ways I try to
make you happy..!!

LETS BE FRIENDS FOREVER.........!!!!!!!!!!

Freindship happens inside the heart, Slient.. Unwritten.. Unnbreakable by distance..Unchangeable by time.. Once a Friend, always a Freind.!

If You have any suggestion or any comments PLZ


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